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Some weird hairless mice... - Naked
Some weird hairless mice...
I'll kick off the conversation here with an anecdote from my mouse-breeding days....

I had a hairless buck who I bred to a doe said to be from hairless lines. The resulting litter had a couple of normal-coated kittens and three that were an odd form of hairless...they had hair on their head and extremeties, actually much like a true hairless Chinese crested dog. They developed normally at first but once they were a few months old they all passed away within days of one another. I can only assume that they had some kind of weird internal defect somehow linked to the hairless gene, or the strange partial expression of it. I had a discussion about the strange mice on a mouse-breeding message board once and somebody suggested that they'd heard once that thyroid problems can be linked to hairlessness in mice. It's an interesting theory, anyway. They were cool-looking little critters...I wish I'd taken pictures of them.

I've also read that many zoologists believe dental deformities are linked to hairlessness in most animals...that would hold true with Chinese cresteds. Some take it so far as to hypothesize that animals with tusks developed them when they lost their hair...and indeed I can't think of any animals off-hand that have pronounced forward-facing teeth AND a lot of body hair. Interesting, huh?
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